About me

Hi all I’m Stephie momma of two adorable little kiddos and engaged to their wonderful daddy. I like to crochet, bake, read and write in my spare time I also like doing some scrap booking with my kiddos.

I’ve been told in the past I’,m bubbly and out going and a very friendly person. I’ve also been told I’m shy awkward and a little bit weird. I personally think I’m somewhere between the two I’m weird sure I drink tea out of a porcelain tea cup and brew it in the matching pot, while I crochet various things for family and friends. I can do the voice of stitch from the hit disney movie lilo and stitch but hey thats just half of it. I’m out going when you first meet me and I will talk about anything but as time goes on I can get a little shy and hesitant until I can figure out how much crazy people can handle.

I’m short and I’m loud, I love to sing even though I can’t carry a tune in a bucket and my kids quite often tell me to stop. But that’s me and I don’t think I’ll ever really change my ways though new crazy stuff may be added over time to my repertoire.

To find the all the posts about all my crafty adventures go to the menu in the top right and click on Blog Posts it will take you to a lovely page with all the latest posts listed there happy reading. ❤

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